Beach Stones and Bronze Clay Beach Stones and Bronze Clay This pendant is made from a burl of a tree in Brewster and polymer stones 8482948 wisteria branch with cracked stone Witeria branch ,sanded smooth, polymer stone is attached with silver wire 43642857 Polymer beach stones Variety of shapes and colors , looks heavy but is very light 43643159 43643160 This is faux jade with a chinese coin imbedded into it. The piece looks heavy but is light as a feather. 8482947 Sea stone This stone was inspired by the water rather than nature, I has silver leaf and several shades of blue on a pearlescent base 17031438 Beach stroll long view 43643161 Beach stroll This piece may be worn as a pendant or a pin, made from a weather beach stake and polymer stone 43643170 Granite Polymer black stone mounted on a faux granite stone with sterling silver wire 43643169 Quartz and Granite Pale sandy faux quartz with light faux granite and sterling silver wire 43643165 Granite 43646415 Granite close up 43646418 Polymer stones I learned this technique from a wonderful artist , Kathleen Dustin. I love finding "heart stones", now I can create them! Can you find the 2 real stones? 8482148 JOY This bronze piece is decorated with the chinese symbol for joy 43643162 Flowers Lentil shaped Bronze earing with delicate floral patterns 43642858 187362071 Mermaid in bronze 43646416